Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Night and Good Morning! / Bonne Nuit et Bonjour!

On the grass

Hello, my dear friends!

I thought I will be able to write my text tonight, but it’s 12:35 AM and my eyes are itching and burning, and the bed is calling my name and my dreams have already cuddled my brain and I don’t know what I am typing anymore.

I’ll see you tomorrow (or should I say today?) with the recipe of this wonderful cake that I made a couple of weeks ago with the help of my lovely nieces and Jamie Oliver.
(Of course Jamie Oliver wasn’t really in the kitchen with us. My older niece, who is the lovely model on this photo, would have fainted. After taking this photo, she joked and asked me if she was a good background for my food. She was the best and sweetest background I’ve ever had. My backgrounds are usually quiet and don’t have any sense of humor).

Good night, to some! Good morning, to the others!

I’ll be back after a good night of sleep.


Anonymous said...

good night dear Rose, nice to see you again :)

browniegirl said...

Good morning!! Sleep well and deeply sweet Warda-Rose. I am so looking forward to your post. Your niece background is amazingly gorgeous!!!!!!! Hmmm, and so is the cake! Can'nt wait!! Hugs from me and sweet dreams xx

Jen said...

I hope you slept well! It was so lovely meeting you the other evening. I wish I'd had more time/better location to talk to you. I loved your bulgur dish - it was delicious.

Warda said...

- Marion, thank you my dear friend!

- Colleen, I hope you will like it. The cake was a winner in our house, and my niece is as gorgeous in person as she is as a background ;) Hugs and love, my sweet Colleen!

- Jen, I was very happy to meet you as well. I hope to see you and the other ladies soon so we can chitchat more.

Maureen Reynolds said...

What a wonderful outfit as background to that cake. Brava! to your niece.